It is easy to set up simple restricted pages using CMS Made Simple. It gets more complex with restricting menu items. For my project all I needed was three restricted areas for users.

First I added Front End Users Module and CustomContent Module. Then I created my directory and content pages and a login and logout page. On the login page I added this code:

{cms_module module=’FrontEndUsers’ form=’login’ returnto=”board-home”}

Note: if you are copying from here make sure to retype the quotes. The returnto is the page alias for the page you want them to go to after they login. For the logout I added this code:

{cms_module module=FrontEndUsers}

Then I created 3 templates for the three groups and added this code right below the body tag:

{if !$ccuser->memberof(‘board’)}{redirect_page page=’login’}{/if}

So if the user is a member of the “board” group then they will see the page content. If not they will be redirected to the login page. I added the 2 other lines in the 2 other templates for the 2 other groups. Then I updated the pages with the correct templates.

If you only have one group then the code in your template should look like this.

{if !$ccuser->loggedin()}{redirect_page page=’login’}{/if}

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