It is surprisingly easy to write a user story. I have been developing user stories for a long time without even realizing it. My process consisted of speaking with a sales rep about a clients request, then going straight to design mock ups. Our company is starting to grow and as we grow I need to communicate and collaborate with more coworkers. Instead of working out user stories in my head I writing out the user stories. This helps with efficiency, transparency and much more. Here is an example of a current user flow I worked on. I used a simple google sheet.

Spacetacular User Story

The information I gathered from the client was that they wanted to be able to ship 2 items to one person without having them pay 2 times. One for each client. The product did not support this user experience. And frankly, the shipping page had become complicated and confusing. It was a Frankenstein interface that we had been shoving functions into and needed some UX attention. For this task both the admin and the user’s experience required updates.

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