Do you use Godaddy to host your own or client websites? Sometimes Godaddy can seem a little slow. So here are a few other options.

  • ICDsoft – I have used this provider for a long time and it is great for small brochure sites. Speed and pricing are good. The have a good support system and customer service.
  • AWS – Amazon Web Services
  • A Small Orange:  – good price, good speed, 24/7 support service,
  • WPEngine:  –  specifically for wordpress, not cheap, incredibly fast website easy to manage. With WPEngine you don’t have to worry about security, caching, updates, etc. Also has an Enterprise plan that is great for high traffic and really large sites.
  • Bluehost – just came across someone who was having issues with godaddy server load error which displayed “server stopped responding” in the browser. For the last two days I have been having this same issue. They moved their site to Bluehost and have no more issues. So here is another host to look to when choosing one for your website.
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