Project for this week:

Refurbish Old Frames with Spray Paint

At last years block party/yard sale I tried to buy some old wooden frames from this little old man. We threw a  fit and was  screaming at me because he didn’t want me to pay the 50 cents for the frames. He just wanted them out of his site. So a grabbed a bunch and took off.  Now 6 months later I’m finally going to fix these frames up.

Step 1: Buy Paint

This is difficult because you can’t buy this stuff in Chicago.

“In May 1992 Chicago decided to do something more: to lump spray paint and jumbo markers, the principal tools of the graffiti “artist,” with burglars’ tools and other crim- inal implements as contraband. An ordinance forbids the sale of spray paint and jumbo indelible markers (collective- ly spray paint) within the city limits.”

So I found this cute old time mom and pop store in Oak Park called Dressler’s. The isles are stuffed with boxes and products. They were super helpful and even carded me when I bought the spray paint which was obviously unnecessary since you only have to be 18 to purchase it. So, I thought that was a nice compliment.

Spray Paint Frames

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